About Us

How our story began

Knight Archer Insurance opened its doors in Regina in 1981 as a single-office, family-owned operation with a passion for serving the community. Our company was established on a series of values that ensured that the success of the brokerage was linked to the opportunities we could provide for our staff and our ability to provide class-leading service to the communities we operate in.


The opportunities for our brokerage to grow didn’t take long to present themselves. We acquired a brokerage in nearby Craven in 1991 that become our second office and would become the first of several acquisitions to follow. Through a series of mergers and acquisitions in Regina and Saskatoon, we have continued to strengthen our presence in several urban centres as well as rural communities across Saskatchewan. Our first out-of-province acquisition took place in 2015, with the acquisition of Baltimore insurance in Winnipeg, our first location in Manitoba.


The launch of our dedicated Commercial Insurance division took place in 2013. Commercial insurance is an area of our company that continues to grow as a result of experienced industry leadership and our ability to provide innovative risk-management solutions and advice for our clients in a range of industries.


Our largest and most recent acquisition was that of Conexus Insurance. Knight Archer reached an agreement to purchase the insurance subsidiary from Conexus Credit Union, Saskatchewan’s largest credit union, in 2016. As a part of that agreement, Knight Archer acquired all seven of Conexus Insurance’s service locations and a mixed portfolio of personal, commercial and agricultural insurance policies. All former Conexus Insurance staff were offered positions with Knight Archer as a part of the agreement.


As a result of our growing operations, Knight Archer customers now have access to the province’s most extensive service network with a team of over 150 insurance professionals in 10 communities and 15 locations. The breadth of insurance solutions we can offer continues to grow as result of managing the largest personal insurance portfolio in Saskatchewan.


Our staff is our most valued resource and we place an emphasis on investing in continued education programs for our brokers. We also contribute to initiatives that benefit the industry through participation in industry associations and educational opportunities for brokers.


One of the most rewarding aspects of becoming an established part of the community is the ability to deliver on our founders’ vision of giving back that the company was founded on. A culture of generosity and giving back to the community is a core part of what it means to be part of the Knight Archer team. From our staff’s participation in local charity events and our sponsorships of everything from little league teams to annual galas for charity, the spirit of community investment is both a part of our history as a company and part of what makes us who we are today.


As the insurance industry faces new challenges and opportunities as a result of technological innovations, growth of the sharing economy, as well as unprecedented natural events, we are optimistic about the role that the insurance industry can play in managing risk and making life easier for our customers. We continue to invest in the technology behind our service channels to ensure we deliver a service experience that aligns with leaders in online service delivery outside our own industry.


We believe strongly in the role of insurance brokers as consumer advocates, providing trusted advice when negotiating the often-complex insurance landscape. The evolution of risk management is playing out before our eyes and we’re excited to be a part of its future, supporting our customers as they take care of their families and businesses.


Our customers and our industry peers have been generous to us. We are proud and humbled to have received a number of awards recognizing our efforts in the areas of community investment, customer service and technology innovation.


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