Could a career in the insurance industry be for you?

About Knight Archer

Did you know that Knight Archer Insurance is Saskatchewan’s largest independent brokerage with 13 locations in Saskatchewan as well as offices in Manitoba and Alberta. We have a team of over 170 staff and are one of Canada’s fastest-growing insurance brokerages.

Aside from a strong commitment to family and community, we are also a recognized technology leader with a number of leading technology solutions utilized by our staff and customers.

Here are a few of the recognitions we are privileged to have received over the years:

  • Regina Chamber of Commerce Paragon Award Winner for Community Involvement (2011)
  • Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce ABEX Award
  • Winner for Community Involvement (2011)
  • Prairie Dog Best Insurance Broker (2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016)
  • Consumer Choice Award Winner for Personal Insurance (2012, 2013, 2014, 2015)
  • Regina Chamber of Commerce Paragon Award Winner for Diversity (2013)
  • Saskatchewan Chamber of ABEX Award Nominee for Marketing (2013)
  • Regina Chamber of Commerce Paragon Award Nominee for Marketing (2015)
  • Recognition as a CSIO Technology Leader in Canada (2016)
  • Insurance Canada Award for Outstanding Customer Service (2016)
  • Launch of Saskatchewan's first auto insurance comparison and purchase solution - ArrowQuote™

The success of Knight Archer Insurance as an insurance brokerage is linked to the opportunities we provide our staff and our ability to provide world class leading services to the communities we serve. We believe that our staff, products and services are our most valued resources

Why choose a career in Insurance?

The job market in the Canadian insurance business is strong and rich with opportunities. Looking for a career that offers stability, variety, innumerable opportunities for learning and advancement, which also enables you to help people and businesses? A career as an Insurance Account Executive/ Broker in the Insurance Industry offers all of these things and more.


The insurance industry is going strong and it is generally resilient during economic shifts.


Depth of industry knowledge is build through a variety of insurance products and developing creative solutions helps meet our clients changing needs.

Learning and Development

Another factor that keeps the insurance industry interesting is that we all keep learning as part of our jobs. There are always changes in this business! Many of us take ongoing courses in order to keep up with new technology, industry rules and regulations shifts, and opportunities in other sectors. The constant learning keeps this business interesting!

Helping People & Businesses

We are in a position to help our clients in a meaningful and practical way. At Knight Archer Insurance we are here to educate our clients and help them protect themselves from catastrophes and unexpected events in their lives. Those who work in this business find satisfaction in the jobs we do, it is most meaningful when we are able to truly help people and their businesses.

The Knight Archer Insurance Team

We are looking for people who want to excel in this field share certain character traits and work habits:

  • Responsibility
  • Attention to detail
  • Sound decision-making skills
  • Brings energy and passion to their work
  • Eager to learn and develop professional industry licences
  • Cares about their client and is patient
  • Works well in a team environment

If this sounds like you and you’re considering a career in the insurance business, this could well be the right direction to pursue.


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