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Our Response to the CBC Article of July 3, 2019

Our response to the CBC Article of July 3, 2019


To our customers, industry partners and members of the communities we serve,

Earlier this week CBC published an article regarding a couple that is being investigated for immigration fraud. Rather than using an image of the couple being investigated, the lead image in the story prominently featured a photo of Doug, Gloria and other members of our staff. Further, the article alleges that individuals from Knight Archer Insurance were complicit in the scheme.

We take exception to the allegations in the article and are disappointed in the lack of care and attention shown by the CBC in its representation of Knight Archer. We can confirm that neither Knight Archer nor Gloria Archer are under any investigation with regards to the immigration fraud case. Instead, Gloria has been called as a witness for the prosecution in the case against the immigration consultant. We have and will continue to offer our full cooperation to the authorities as the case proceeds to trial.

Knight Archer has always valued diversity and will continue to make this a priority within our brokerage. For this reason, Knight Archer has made employment offers for jobs at our brokerage using the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program. This SINP program is a government program used by many businesses in the province and we are fortunate to have hired staff through the program that have become a valuable part of our team. Knight Archer has never issued any phantom job offers nor received any compensation for making job offers of any kind.

Knight Archer has always operated our brokerage on the values of integrity, teamwork and a strong commitment to the community. That was true in 1981 when we opened our doors and it is still true today. This experience has been a good reminder about the importance of working with partners who share our values of integrity and the highest business ethics.

I trust this additional background answers any questions you may have. We have been fortunate to receive many messages of support from our customers, members of our community and our colleagues in the industry. On behalf of all of us at Knight Archer, we wish to express our sincere gratitude for your trust and confidence as we move forward. 


Tracy Archer
Chief Operating Officer
Knight Archer Insurance Ltd.


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